A Special Needs Law Practice
In Austin, Texas

Caring for loved ones is hard.  Working with an attorney should not be.

Practice Areas

Special Needs Planning, Guardianship, and Probate

Representing guardians and proposed wards in disability-related and mental-health-based matters. Also providing alternatives to guardianship, including special needs trusts, powers of attorney, and supported decision-making.  

Special Education

Representing families at all stages of the Special Education process, from pre-ARD planning to special education disputes (including TEA complaints, mediation, due process, and litigation).

Core Values

People are more important than things.

Family relationships are worth preserving. My mission is to help families set up care-planning solutions that preserve quality of life while protecting relationships across generations. At the end of the day, people always matter more than things. 

People have different abilities, but we all deserve to be treated with dignity.

The majority of my clients are dealing with mental or physical limitation. Regardless of these challenges, I believe they deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. 

Self-Determination is a human right.

Legal supports should seek to preserve a disabled individual's ability to make decisions about his or her life to the greatest extent possible. Guardianship should never be a tool of first resort.

My Story

This is personal to me.

In addition to practicing law, I am a mom of four and my oldest child has special needs. As a caregiver, I have at various times sacrificed my health, my finances, and my career in order to try to connect my son with the resources he needs in order to thrive.  It has been hard to find the right answers--in many ways, graduating from a top law school with honors and passing the bar exam were easy by comparison!  

I started my law firm with the goal of helping people with disabling conditions access needed supports and services so that they and their families can live better lives.

This is not just a job for me, this is personal.

A different kind of law firm.

I am intimately familiar with the challenges encountered by individuals with disabling conditions and their caretakers. Working with a lawyer can be intimidating for anyone, but I work hard to put my clients at ease and make getting legal help as painless as possible.

For many families, the cost of legal services may seem out-of-reach. I offer solutions including unbundled legal services, sliding scale fees, and payment via credit card to help bridge the affordability gap. 

With flexible options such as Skype consultations, after-hours appointments for caregivers who work during the day, and bringing the law office to you when client mobility presents a barrier, this truly is a different kind of law practice. 


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